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Our Story

In early 2016 our parent company Venture Media 360, and founders worked with one of the nations leading providers of Cryotherapy Centers spanning multiple states.

Over the course of the next year they would witness numerous individuals realizing life changing benefits as a result of Cryotherapy Treatment options. Compelled to help others get access to this life changing treatment Cryotherapy Media was born.

Since 2016 our team has worked tirelessly to design effective outreach tools and processes to help providers raise awareness about the use of Cryotherapy. Our process has now been implemented in some of the nations leading markets across North America.

Cryotherapy Media works with more Cryotherapy providers then any other agency in North America. We can help you grow your practice with confidence. Our team will custom tailor a unique growth strategy to help you own your local market.


We Believe Your Success Is Our Duty and Obligation. These Are Our Pillars.

01.    We Believe In Quality

Every step we take is based on the intent to help each individual searching for solutions, in which Cryotherapy provides, to connect with a provider that is committed to their care. We accomplish this by sharing accurate, thought leading content to encourage candidates to take action.

02.   We Believe In Transparency

Being transparent with our partners is vital in building trust and long term relationships. When transparency is present and trust is developed everyone has a vested interest in the growth of the practice. We provide transparency in everything that we do.

03.   We Believe In Communication

Effective and regular communication with our partners is at the forefront of our business model. In the confusing world of health care and digital marketing processes and protocols can sometimes change quickly.

04.   We Believe In Ability and Action

The ability to take massive action is generated through accurate reporting and verifiable data. Taking action is what drives new patient growth and our ability to help as many individuals as possible find relief with this life changing treatment.