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We help you understand every avenue of patient inquiries coming into your practice in real time, 100% of the time.
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Leverage The Industry's #1 Growth Platform

Monitor all of your Marketing Channels in One Place

We offer everything your practice needs to thrive online. View insights from all your marketing channels in one app. Stop wasting time switching from account to account. Streamline your campaign monitoring in a single, intuitive interface.


Monitor Top Traffic Sources

Stop guessing which marketing campaigns are driving new patient growth. We analyze and show you exactly which sources are referring calls and form submissions, then leverage that data to increase volume effectively.

  • Track all calls into your practice from their source
  • Monitor and track all form submissions into your practice
  • Review data in real time using our practice growth dashboard
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Monitor Staff Performance

Generating calls is only half the battle. It’s just as important to ensure that calls are actually answered and are handled in a professional manner. Monitor and improve staff performance by tracking answered versus missed calls.

Cryotherapy Media offers everything your practice needs to thrive in today’s market.


Analyze Contact Details

Review names, phone numbers and locations (city / state / country) for each inquiry in real-time as calls and form submissions are generated. Know who called, when they called, and whether the call resulted in a consult. Never miss following up with a patient again!

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Enjoy exclusivity of services in your local market. Rest easy knowing that we are building your business 100% of the time versus your competition.

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Cryotherapy Media works with more centers on a national scale than any other agency in North America. We know what it takes for you to grow.

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Cryotherapy Media puts you where your patients are searching for services you provide the most.