Every PPC Network In One Location

Late nights poring over endless spreadsheets and screenshots are a thing of the past! Our cross-channel PPC reporting tool lets you hit the "easy button" and automatically pull in all of your marketing data across multiple PPC networks like Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Adroll and Facebook Ads.
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practice growth dashboard
Leverage The Industry's #1 Growth Platform

Monitor all of your PPC Networks in One Place

We offer everything your practice needs to thrive online. View insights from all your marketing channels in one app. Stop wasting time switching from account to account. Streamline your campaign monitoring in a single, intuitive interface.


Wide Variety of PPC KPIs

Track and monitor a wide variety of important KPIs across every PPC channel. Analyze clicks, impressions, CTR, conversion rate, and more from the campaign level all the way down to individual ads and keywords. Graph any KPI with a single click to intuitively visualize performance.

  • Track all clicks into your practice from their source
  • Monitor and track all inquiries and calls into your practice
  • Review data in real time using our practice growth dashboard

Prominent Focus on ROI

Our customers care about the ROI of their PPC campaigns above any other performance metric.  Our reports include prominent ROI metrics as well as a dedicated conversions section to help your practice put it’s best foot forward.

Cryotherapy Media offers everything your practice needs to thrive in today’s market.


Improvement Over Time

A weekly or monthly performance snapshot has its place, but most of our partners want to see their performance and revenue improving as time goes on. Our PPC reports make it easy to compare historical performance and showcase improvement month over month.

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